On Wednesday November the 15th we will start the unpacking of a batch of luxurious furnishings from a deconstruction site in London. Materials include marble and aluminium clad counters and closets, as well as various pedestals in onyx and displays in toughened glass. In total 26 pallets, good for a full semi-trailer truck of materials, were salvaged.

Because our supplier requires discretion, the materials will not be available for purchase on our website, but only available in our shop. Sales will only be made to private individuals, and a note detailing special conditions of sale will have to be signed by all purchasers. This includes the prohibition to resell the materials within a given period, or their use in a commercial environment.

Like always, our shop opens that day at 9AM, and the fixed prices will be reasonable and non-negotionable. However, no reservations will be made, all purchases will have to be paid straight away (cash or bankcard) and pickup or delivery will have to take place within a week after purchase.


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