Rotor Deconstruction is a cooperative that organises the reuse of construction materials.

We dismantle, process and trade salvaged building components. Learn more

Classic 1920's opaline lampshades

Restored with new fittings in brass: 69€/ pc


Sell your materials trough RotorDC


Coup de coeur!

Hanging light 'Tristan'


A new method for reusing ceramic tiles

Up to 85% less impact than equivalent new tiles



Offer a Rotor DC gift card

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Mismatched presents are painful for everyone involved, and they rarely do good for the environment. That's why we decided to launch our new system of gift cards. Sending a card is very simple: you can freely choose the amount, add…

New: Grouped delivery in Brussels at reduced prices

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Every Thursday, we organise a grouped delivery service for large items such as furniture. By loading several deliveries at the same time, and by organising deliveries per neighbourhood we save fuel and time. This delivery service is recommended for large…

Incoming: Large batch of wood from a bankrupt door manufacturer

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For some time now, we've had the desire to add a wood department to our shop. A previous attempt 5 years ago had failed; we had tried selling relatively small and heterogenous batches and perhaps hadn't put enough hart in…

Incoming: Furniture from an office space by Odile Decq ca. 2002

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Just arrived! Minimalist shelves in aluminium and plexiglass, more than 60 pieces in various sizes. The furniture was custom produced for an interior design by Odile Decq, and divided a large room in different 'streets' to accommodate the workers of…

Favorites from our store

  • Tall table light in kaki recycled foam rubber by Rotor

     119,00 1 available
  • Speckled reddish brown and yellow ceramic tiles ‘Welkenraedt’ from the St. Elisabeth Nursing School in Leuven (152mm)

     74,00 /m2 23 available
  • Set of two glass panels for JB 2000 partitions by Beddeleem – Mixed (glass/frame) – H. 246 – RAL 7035

     49,00 149,40 /pc. available
  • Speckled light yellow ceramic tiles ‘Welkenraedt’ from the St. Elisabeth Nursing School in Leuven (151 mm)

     74,00 /m2 29 available