Rotor Deconstruction facilitates the reuse of construction materials.

Rotor Deconstruction is a young actor in the field of salvaged building components. Besides running a store in the Brussels Region, we provide assistance to building owners, contractors and architects.

More than just materials

By using salvaged goods, not only do you reduce the quantity of demolition waste, but you also acquire quality building materials while having a negligible environmental impact. Often, one can find pieces conceived by renowned designers, created by skilled craftsmen or made using technologies now out of reach.

Diverting these elements from the waste stream is a form of preservation that is complementary to the efforts conducted by established actors in historical building preservation.

Developing new sets of skills

Our deconstruction team is highly experienced in the dismantling, conditioning, transporting, cleaning and preparing for sale, of a wide variety of materials. During this process, we collaborate with building and demolition contractors, architects, municipalities and property management companies.

Making use of reclaimed materials in large-scale projects is often quite challenging; timing needs to be kept, technical standards need to be followed, and risks need to be minimised. Our team of consultants assist building owners and designers with the planning and execution of successful, ambitious operations.


Rotor Deconstruction is an autonomous side-project of Rotor, a Brussels-based non-profit firm engaged in promoting and facilitating the reuse of building components as a strategy on the path towards a more resource-efficient materials economy. In 2012-2013, Rotor conducted a survey of all existing dealers of secondhand building materials in Belgium. The results of this survey are available on

Through this study, we discovered that despite the increasing professionalization of the sector, many vendors are still focusing on rustic materials destined for the domestic (neo-)rural market. Few are geared towards selling what comes out of large building compounds of the service sector, which make up the bulk of demolition debris in metropolitan areas like the Brussels Region. Rotor Deconstruction grew out of the realization that certain dots needed urgent connection.


  • Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2015, given by the LOCUS Foundation, under the protection of UNESCO.
  • Blueprint Architecture award 2015, given by Blueprint Magazine London.
  • Maaskant Prijs 2015, given to Maarten Gielen on behalf of Rotor by the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb.
  • Silver Publica Award in the category “Most Sustainable Public Market,” given at Publica 2016 in Brussels.
  • Life cycle in practice Award in the category recycling, given at ECOCIR 2016 in Gembloux.
  • Ecodesign Pro Award 2016, attributed by Ovam, the waste administration of the Flemish Region
  • Henry van de Velde Company Award 2016, received during the award ceremony on January 19th, 2017.