Exceptional auction of Belgian design and collectibles May 28th

Over the years, we’ve gathered a series of objects and materials that we found hard to say goodbye to. Recently, we’ve decided to sell off these materials. The profit will be used to invest in additional machinery for our workshop, more specifically for the processing of salvaged natural stone. It is our ambition to increase the number of services we will provide for these materials, such as cutting to measure and treatment of the edges. The auction will include pieces by designers such as Jules Wabbes, Christophe Gevers, Lucien Engels and others. Complimentary, there will also be souvenirs from some of the more iconic buildings we have worked in, such as the Antwerp City Hall.

Closing date: May 28th, on various moments trough-out the afternoon and evening.
Pickups: Within 10 working days after closing of the sale. Shipping can be arranged in some cases, at an additional cost. Contact us for more information latest 24h before the closing of the auction.
Conditions: – Bidding is done exclusively trough our website, all bids are final.
– Bidders are expected to have read the description of the object, and verified the object physically in our store in case of doubt on the condition.
– Cancelled closing bids will be charged at 50€ + 10% of the closing value of the object to cover administrative costs.
– We reserve the right to retract any lots for any reason at any moment before the closing of the auction
– All bids are VAT included (if relevant), no additional costs will be charged to the buyer in case of timely pickup.
– Payment is due within 48h after the closing of the sale. Failure to pay in time will be understood as a cancellation of the order.