Editions by RotorDC

We regularly work with architects and designers on specific projects, and sometimes this results in designs or ideas that are too good to keep in a drawer. We decided to produce a selection of these objects and offer them for sale in our shop. Made for the most part of reused materials, all objects are produced in Belgium. Some of them are made in our own workshops, for others we collaborate with local craft people.

New: ‘Juliaan’ standing light with concrete base

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A stunning 410 kg of CO2 are emitted during the fabrication of every ton of concrete. If products were priced according to their environemental impact, concrete would be as expensive to use than the most exclusive marbles. Yet today, per…

Downlighter ‘Karel’ made from offcuts

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‘Karel’ is a downlighter made at a large wood workshop on the outskirts of Brussels from their own cutting waste and leftover boards . The computer controlled table saw automatically cuts the surplus material to measure . The visible  edges…

Coat rack ‘Chronokaos’

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Coat racks that are made in our own workshop. They consists of a sample of coat hooks that we dismantle in buildings from different periods and styles. The hooks are mounted on a chamfered plank of oiled teak wood. (section:…

Refitted 1920’s lampshades in opaline glass

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Shades in white opaline glass were already in use in petroleum lamps in the 19th century, and were quickly adopted also in the production of electrical lights. Their function is double. On the one hand, they act as a reflector,…