Where can I find you ?

For all sales:
Our warehouse is situated at Schaarbeeklei 290, 1800 Vilvoorde. We’re open from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM and also by appointment. We can be reached by email (sales@rotordc.com) or by phone on +32 (0) 465 896 641 (office hours only).

For consultancy:
We have offices in Brussels and Paris, and operate throughout Western Europe. Please contact us by email (consulting@rotordc.com) with a short description of your project and the most suitable person from our team will get in touch with you promptly.

What is the origin of the materials on sale ?

The elements we put on sale were dismantled from buildings in Belgium (and occasionally in France and the Netherlands) slated for demolition. At the moment, most materials have been dismantled by our own team. However, we would like to inspire more conventional contractors to make use of our consignment services.

Do you buy materials ?

Sometimes. Send us some pictures of the materials and we’ll let you know what we can propose (consignment, purchase, or free pick-up/deconstruction by our team).

Are you hiring ?

Sometimes. Send your CV to sales.rotor@gmail.com and we’ll keep it on file.

What about VAT / BTW / TVA ?

All prices on this website are 21% VAT included. We can provide invoices if needed. Also note that in some cases, professional international clients are exempt from paying VAT in Belgium.

Do you ship internationally ?

Yes, when it is reasonably feasible. Contact us via email to obtain a quote.