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We have received a large batch of more than 100 furnitures that served at the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR). They were manufactured by legendary company De Coene from 1956 onwards. De Coene was licence holder for the manufacturing of Knoll furniture, and produced most Knoll furniture on the West-European market. Many details in the furniture that was not produced under licence of Knoll still uses the same teak veneer wood. Details, such as the leather door handles, are also clearly inspired by the brand. When we’ve found a Knoll marking on specific furnitures, this is marked explicitly in the product description. Otherwise it should be assumed the furnitures are designed and produced by De Coene.

Update: These materials are all sold out. 

  • Cupboards by Philippe Neermand for De Coene ca. 1960

     169,00 1 available
  • Incomplete library card cabinet by Philippe Neerman for National Library ca. 1960 + Batch of 46 card drawers

     699,00 1 available

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