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As part of the renovation of the Everheide School in Evere, a 1930s building will be demolished and replaced. The architects took great care in making sure a maximum quantity of materials were salvaged, by specifying reuse targets in the demolition tender.

The beautiful glazed ceramic wall tiles, as well as the terrazzo floor tiles will soon be available trough our shop. As usual, we’re keeping a waiting list that will be treated in priority.

Presale prices:
wall tiles (15*15cm): 45€/m2 TTC
floor tiles (20*20 cm):  45€/m2 TTC
Condition: ready for installation

For reservations: sales@rotordc.com


Project:: Ecole Everheide, General contractor: Louis De Waele, Deconstruction & Demolition sub-contractor: De Meuter, Commissioner : Commune d’Evere,  Architects : &Sens

Available products (coming soon)

  • Glazed bullnose wall tiles by Boch (150mm*8mm) ca. 1930

     8,00 /linear meter
    71 available
  • White-orange Terrazzo floor tiles (20*20 cm) by Agma ca. 1930

     24,00 39,00 m2
  • Terra cotta floor tiles “Baudour” (16,5*16,5 cm) ca. 1910 – beige

     29,00 49,00 /m2
  • Red Terrazzo floor tiles (20*20 cm) by Agma ca. 1930

     39,00 /m2
    12 available
  • Glazed wall tiles by Boch (150mm*8mm) ca. 1930

     49,00 /m2
    27 available

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