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A stunning 410 kg of CO2 are emitted during the fabrication of every ton of concrete. If products were priced according to their environemental impact, concrete would be as expensive to use than the most exclusive marbles. Yet today, per liter, it is cheaper than mineral water.

‘Juliaan’ is a series of standing lights that celebrates concrete as an exceptional and noble material. We made use of left over concrete drill cores from various construction sites in Brussels. The drillings, sections of walls and floor slabs, reveal the underlying layers and aggregate. The lights are finished with rods and fittings in brass.

Images: Holcim-Lafarge’s limestone quarry and cement kiln at Dispatch Mountain, Beirut (Lebanon), 2016.

// UPDATE April 10th 2019: We’ve sold out most lamps quicker than anticipated. A new batch will be made as soon as possible.

Available products (More coming soon)