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‘Karel’ is a downlighter made at a large wood workshop on the outskirts of Brussels from their own cutting waste and leftover boards . The computer controlled table saw automatically cuts the surplus material to measure . The visible  edges then receive a finish.In the final stage the lamps are assembled and outfitted manually.

This light will be produced in a variety of finishes, depending on the available materials. Custom editions are possible for series of 50 pieces and more. Each lamp is equipped with an E27 socket, and comes with a mounting kit for plasterboard ceilings.

Currently available:

  • Downlighter ‘Karel’ in white particle board with exposed edges

     69,00 23 available
  • Downlighter ‘Karel’ in white HPL with black edges

     69,00 8 available
  • Downlighter ‘Karel’ in ash veneer with white edges

     69,00 32 available
  • Downlighter ‘Karel’ in gold with black edge

     69,00 17 available
  • Downlighter ‘Karel’ in oak veneer with grey edges

     69,00 8 available
  • Downlighter ‘Karel’ in walnut veneer with white edges

     69,00 12 available
  • Downlighter ‘Karel’ in white board with golden edges

     69,00 7 available

Other editions by RotorDC: