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For some time now, we’ve had the desire to add a wood department to our shop. A previous attempt 5 years ago had failed; we had tried selling relatively small and heterogenous batches and perhaps hadn’t put enough hart in it. So we were on the lookout for a good opportunity, that we found in the bankruptcy of a door manufacturer in Flanders. We were able to acquire a large lot of unpacked wood and spend a few days with a motivated team bundling and transporting the goods. We filled up 4 semi-trailers, and brought a total of at least 25 tons of wood to our shop. Over the past few days we’ve build a shelve and sorted the first few bundles. Now there’s more than enough wood to convincingly open up this new ‘isle’ to our clients. The plan is as follows: we hope to use this first batch of production left overs as a basis, and to gradually replace the wood that gets sold by batches that we salvage on our deconstruction sites.

About the wood: we have a broad variety of sections and species in stock.  There is a lot of regular White Pine wood, but we also have a rich offering in Cedar (planks, cladding, …)  and a bit of Oregon . Sporadically, there is also some Meranti (plinths, small beams, ..) and a big batch of decorative profiles in smaller sections of pine. Many types are also available in lengths of 5 meter or more. All the conifer wood will be stored outside vertically, so it will gradually turn grey. In much smaller quantities, we have also a bit of precious exotic hardwood, but that isn’t on sale yet (you know it always takes us a while to say goodbye to the exceptional materials we fall in love with).

In terms of pricing we’re aiming for 60-70 % of typical prices in DIY stores for regular white pine and other more common wood types. We realise that this is still a bit above the prices one can negotiate when buying large quantities. But we do not aim to sell reclaimed wood per full truckload, we’d rather serve our customers with more modest needs. Most of the wood will not be sold online, but exclusively in our physical shop with a buy-and-take-home logic.

All wood is sold per running meter. We hope to install a workbench soon, to allow our customers to cut the wood in the desired size before loading it, more on that later.

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