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Large salvage operation of fireproof office partitions with Louis De Waele

By 15 May 2017October 29th, 2017news

Update 29/10/2017: This offer is no longer available


We are currently preparing a large salvage operation of office partition walls that have become redundant in an administrative building. In total more than 2200 running meter of fireproof (RF30) partitions, more than 400 doors and 300 glazed elements will be offered for purchase. Dismantling will take place between May and October 2017. To keep costs at a minimum, we aim to find new destinations for these elements straight from the deconstruction site. A sample of the different components is on display in our showroom.

Product references:
Partitions: Clestra Hauserman / Synchrone P.83.01
Doors: PPPN / PVPN P.83.01
Standard ceiling height: 2,7m

For more info please contact

Phase 2: zone “P4”
orders can be accepted till July 24th
demounting will be started mid-august
Quantities: up to 800 m of steel plated partitions (white), 80 door modules, 40 window modules.

 Phase 3: zones “P3” et “P5”
orders can be accepted till end of august
demount occuring in september-october
Quantities available: up to 1400 m of steel plated partitions (white), 170 door modules, 80 window modules

Prices (only if delivered directly from the deconstruction site)

Steel plated partitions
(€/running m)
Door + vertical
glass module (€/pc)
Window module
(min. 20 m) / / /
From 20 to 50 m 30 € + VAT 60 € + VAT 50€ + VAT  + transport costs
More than 50 m 20 € + VAT 40 € + VAT 35 € + VAT + transport costs

In collaboration with Louis De Waele, the ONSS (Office Nationale Sécurité Social) and CSTC (Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction)