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This iconic hexagonal building is currently under renovation, with respect for the original design. Rotor DC was tasked with removing interior finishings that were apt for reuse but would not find a place in the renovated building.


Pictures: Lionel Billiet

Available materials from De Ligne:

  • Sale!

    Small door knob in chromed brass ca. 1974

     12,00  7,00
    97 available
  • Coathook in polished stainless steel ca. 1974

    57 available
  • Light diffuser in honeycomb

     10,00 /m
    48 available
  • Toilet roll hanger in chromed brass ‘Omega’ by Turk and Bolte ca. 1974

    112 available
  • Pair of door handle in brass

    3 available
  • Door handle in chromed brass by Maison Vervloet ca. 1973.

    37 available

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