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Our lampoons are made from dead stock and mid century chandeliers that are beyond repair. The glass is anywhere between 100 and 50 years old, but the fittings and cable are brand new.

Honnoring a legacy
To cope with the fast changing tastes of the 1920s and 1930s, and to rationalise the means of production, Belgian glass factory De Rupel came up with a clever solution. They limited their number of different molds and basic colours to a minimum, and customised the vases and lampoons by hand in secondary processes. Techniques such as sandblasting, hand painting, etching, baking or chroming allowed the factories a very flexible production without the necessity for heavy investments in additional molds or complicated machinerie. New finishings could be conceived, produced and tested almost over night. In case of a good response, the decoration workshop could produce relatively quickly the desired quantity, thus removing the need for stockpiling. This flexibility resulted in a very diverse production, many of the designs were never even documented in the sales catalogues. The method proved successful and was soon also adopted by other glass factories (*).

The lampoons were sold to light producers, that typically mounted them on brass chandeliers. Because these heavy hanging lights are most often non compliant with todays technical requirements, they tend to end at scrap yards. To give a new purpose to the lampoons, we conceived a newly produced lamp socket that hangs the antique glass pieces. Off course, these sockets allow for the usage of energy efficient light bulbs such as LED’s. We suggest hanging several of these lampoons in the same space, for instance above a meeting table or cooking island. This can be a series of identical lights hung in a classical ‘cascading’ figure, or a more wild and eclectic combination of different colours and styles.

(*)source: “Booms Glas”, 2005, Werkgroep Booms Glas, ISBN 90-7546-3677

Available lampoons:

(there is more choice in our shop)

  • Hanging lampoon ‘Ludovic’

     24,00 17 available
  • Alternative brass fitting for lampoons and opaline light

     24,00 available
  • Sale!

    Lampoon ‘Fin de siècle’

     29,00 18 available
  • Lampoon in decorated glass ca. 1950

     49,00 1 available
  • Lampoon ‘fin de siècle’

     49,00 5 available
  • Lampoon in decorated glass ca. 1930

     49,00 /pc 3 available
  • Lampoon in decorated glass ca. 1950

     49,00 /pc 3 available
  • Lampoon in decorated glass ca. 1950

     49,00 /pc 1 available
  • Lampoon in decorated glass ca. 1950

     49,00 /pc 2 available
  • Lampoon in decorated glass ca. 1950

     49,00 /pc 3 available

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