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Sell your materials trough RotorDC!

By 6 January 2020September 8th, 2021news

A service for the sales of high quality materials at reasonable prices

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We have noticed that more and more ‘conventional’ contractors and entrepreneurs are interested in getting involved in the trade of second hand materials. Even though there are a number of websites that help small businesses and individuals to sell second hand materials, this typically involves a lot of hassle. We propose a one-stop service for the sales of high quality materials at reasonable prices. We accept only useable materials that have been properly demounted and that are complete.

How does it work?

For more information, download this document NL or FR

Step 1: Assessment

The owner of the materials mails pictures of the available materials. We make a first assessment of the value of the materials. Most of the time, pictures will suffice. For larger projects, we can organise a site visit. Together with the assessment, we communicate our requirements in terms of conditioning. Typically, we will propose a 50/50 split of the proceeds of the sale. Do not bring materials to our shop before we ok them by email!

Step 2: Drop off your materials at our warehouse

After deconstruction and transport to our warehouse by the owner, the materials are inspected and a final assessment is made. A consignment agreement is made.

Step 3: Sales

The item is put on sale on our website. The seller can follow the progress of the sale on the personal interface. At the end of each month, the proceeds of those items that were sold are transferred to the seller. Items that remain unsold for longer than 6 months are discounted.


What materials do we accept in consignment?

Batches of tiles, wood, natural stone, lighting & bathroom fixtures, hardware…

Just have a look at our store to get inspiration.

You have something else to propose? Just sent us a mail !