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We recently concluded the dismantling of large quantities of materials in the iconic Brussels North Station. Several hundreds of square meters of ceramic tiles will soon be processed to remove all traces of cement. From this site, there will also be large quantities of marble, 1930’s light fixtures, handrails and much more.

The building was erected in different periods and involved several architectural teams.
– Construction in 1952: Paul & Jacques Saintenoy + Jean Hendrickx Vanden Bosch
– Extension 1974-1982: Groupe Structures
– Extension 1992: von Vittorelli, Ferriere en Van Campenhout

Available products

  • Handrail from Brussels North Station in wood

    29€ / meter
  • Ceramic tiles Cerabati (152mm, 12mm) from Brussel North Station

     59,00 /m2
  • Ceramic tiles Cerabel (151mm, 12mm) from Brussel North Station

     59,00 /m2
    27 available
  • Carrara marble floor tiles from Brussel North Station (50*50*3cm)


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