RotorDC partnership program

As we prepare for a future where more and more materials will be salvaged and traded, we’re setting up a partnership program that is open to all contractors. The aim is to get many more companies started in the reuse trade, without each of them having to reinvent the wheel.

The program is very simple:
– RotorDC experts help identifying materials that are economically viable for reuse.
– Partner contractors bring in the selected materials
– Our team makes these materials ready for reuse (removing mortar, de-nailing, etc)
– Materials are sold trough our shop
– The proceeds are split between the contractor and RotorDC

Contractors benefit from these arrangement by receiving extra revenue from the sale of materials. But more importantly, it also helps these companies to position themselves as forward thinking entreprises in an industry that is increasingly competitive. We divise these partnerships in two categories:

Preferred partners

Preferred partners are organisations that consistently aim for the highest possible level of reuse. Salvage of reusable materials is done on all of their work sites. Materials are kept as local as possible, and with the creation of durable markets for salvageable materials in mind. Listed companies have done several projects with RotorDC

Occasional partners

Occasional partners are organisations that are setting their first steps in reuse. They will set up salvage operations when they are instructed to do so by commissioners, when the expected financial gain is sufficiently stimulating, or when the timing and availability of staff allows for it. Listed companies have done at least one project with RotorDC