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Pre-stripping contemporary office interiors

By 18 March 2016December 31st, 2016news

In the office rental sector, it is customary to refurbish interiors every time there is a change of tenant. Elements such as glazed modular walls, doors, in-built lighting fixtures, sanitary equipments etc., are usually evacuated using destructive methods, despite the fact that they are, in many cases, good candidates for reuse. This can be explained by the fact that, until recently, there was no streamlined method at hand to evacuate these as reusable components.
In collaboration with real estate companies Befimmo and Cofinimmo, we developed a service dedicated to the reclamation of the reusable finishings prior to a renovation. A frame contract allows the owner to efficiently insert Rotor’s interventions in the schedule of recurrent refurbishment works. We first document materials candidate for reuse, then organize the demount of these elements with the smallest possible impact on the timing of the planned works. We ensure the materials are brought to the reuse circuit. After the operation, we provide a detailed report of the reclaimed materials and the quantity (in tonnes) of waste that was avoided. The commissioner uses this report to account for a responsible materials management.

These operations are part self-financed by the sale of the materials, part financed by the demolition budget. For setting up this novel activity, Rotor DC was awarded with the Life Cycle in Practice Award in 2016.

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