Adhesive remover

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Easily removes all kinds of stickers, adhesive marks, adhesive tape, tar, rubber adhesive, shoe sole marks, etc. Eres ADHESIVE REMOVER is safe for most hard surfaces. Can even be used on most PVC.



Eres ADHESIVE REMOVER easily cleans marks from paper or plastic stickers and effectively removes marks from glue, adhesive tape, oil, rubber, etc.



Eres ADHESIVE REMOVER works quickly. Very practical to use, thanks to its mini-spray.


Check the label carefully!


Environmental advice: The bottle (PET) and sprayer (PP) are 100% recyclable and after rinsing they can be brought to the local recycling system. Spray bottle, without flammable or ozone-destroying propellant. The surface active ingredients in this cleaner are of vegetal origin and readily biodegradable.