Batch of black marble ‘Bleu Belge’ ( 6,39 sqm) nr. 15


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Marble originally quarried in the 1950’s in Jeumont, in the North of France. Reminiscent of ‘Belgian blue marble’ but with more pronounced veins. No longer quarried today and very rare.

Sold per complete pallet only.
Pallet 15 consists of:

  • 8 slabs :
    • +- 62*134 cm
    • +- 58,5*131,5 cm
    • +- 58*132,5 cm
    • +- 61,5*131 cm
    • +- 61,5*131 cm
    • +- 59*133 cm
    • +- 61,5*132 cm
    • +- 61,5*133 cm

For a total of approximatively 6,39 sqm

thickness: 3 cm

Condition: good condition. Might need to be recut to size (irregular shapes, our measurements are approximate and based on the largest possible rectangle that can be cut from each slab. Some slabs have been rounded or polished on one edge. May have scratches, may have paint splatters or traces of joints. We advise all buyers to inspect the lot before purchasing. All sales are final.

Delivery is possible, please contact us for a price quote.


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Weight 540.000 kg