Batch of brass lettering (sold by piece)

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Batch of 197 brass uppercase letters, numbers and hyphens in two sizes.
large: 5.8 cm high, 1cm thick
small: 4.2cm high, 0.5cm thick

Large-sized letters:
A (x1)
E (x1)
I (x2)
M (x3)
N (x1)
O (x1)
R (x1)

Small-sized letters:
A (x17)
B (x5)
C (x3)
D (x2)
E (x22)
G (x5)
H (x4)
I (x7)
L (x13)
M (x8)
N (x8)
O (x12)
P (x3)
Q (x1)
R (x16)
S (x10)
T (x6)
U (x9)
V (x1)
X (x2)
Y (x3)

Other symbols:
– (x9)
0 (x1)
1 (x6)
4 (x3)
5 (x1)
8 (x1)
9 (x4)

2euro by letter / numbers