Batch of Oak parquet floor from Caserne Saint Denis (3 sqm roughly planned)

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Thickness: 23mm

Width: parquet lathes vary in widths between 9 and 10 cm, it gathers all millimetre variations possible.

Length : free

This batch contains 3 sqm of parquet roughly planned sold as is :  tongues have been cleaned by hand, boards have been cut straight in their length when they were damaged.

It can be completed by 7 sqm brut



Wooden lathes can be resized to 9 cm. For this process, count a lost of 10% on the brut quantity.

Depending of the laying, grooves can be redone (for sleepers installation) or tongues cutted (for glue-down installation)

People who are interested can see samples exhibited in our showroom, and send us a mail to have a more precise quote


The materials were salvaged in the demolition of the former military base  Fort de l’Est in Saint-Denis.
En collaboration avec Réavie, Bellastock et Plaine Commune.


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Weight 60 kg

brut, reconditionned