Carrara marble floor tiles from WTC

 45,00 69,00 / tile

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Carrara marble floor tiles from the WTC towers 1 & 2.

Available in three different sizes : 143 cm x 40 cm or 137 x 39 cm or 74 x 87 cm.
Some tiles do not correspond exactly to this measurement, there can be variations in size : 0,5 cm to 3 cm.

The different quality variations refer to the edges and overall surface of the tiles.

C quality tiles may have rough edges and damage on the surface of the tile

B quality tiles may have less rough edges and some spots on the surface that are not even.

A quality refers to smooth edges and a clean smooth surface.

Thickness : 3 cm

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A quality, B quality, C quality


74 x 87 cm, 137 x 39 cm, 143 x 40 cm