Factory tiles by Céramiques de Baudour from Hippodrome de Boitsfort

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These tiles were produced in Baudour (Hainaut) by La Société Anonyme des produits réfractaires & céramiques de Baudour.
They were installed as an outdoor floor that was covered and protected from weather at the Hippodrome de Boitsfort, in Brussels.

Dimensions: 24 cm (+/- 5 mm) x 14,5 cm (+/- 5 mm)
Variable thickness: between 2,5 cm and 3,5 cm.

Variable shades, colour can vary from a tile to another: yellower, oranger, darker, lighter, etc. Raw product, dimensions and thickness are irregular too. It is recommended to install these tiles with mortar, they are too irregular for using tile glue. Use a large size joint to allow for size variation. Tiles are certainly suitable as an indoor floor. Outdoor installation is possible, but at the risk of the buyer. In the original installation at the Hippodrome de Boitsfort (see picture) the tiles were covered from the weather.

Good used condition. Surface may bear traces of cement and patina, small chips along the edges are tolerated. Mortar has been removed from backside and sides but traces may remain, especially on sides. Tiles are quite dirty, needs to be cleaned with brush and soap after installation.


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