Fireproof office partition system (Height: 270 cm)

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SALES FROM THE SITE: In total more than 2200 running meter of fireproof (RF30) partitions are offered for purchase. To keep costs at a minimum, we aim to find new destinations for these elements straight from the deconstruction site. A sample of the different components is on display in our showroom. See detailed quantities and timing below.

Partitions: Clestra Hauserman / Synchrone P.83.01
Doors: PPPN / PVPN P.83.01
Standard ceiling height: 2,7m
Finish: lacquered steel
Production year: 2005

For more info please contact
Only the quantities of material ordered in advance will be salvaged.

Phase 2: zone “P4”
orders can be accepted till July 24th
demounting will be started mid-august
Quantities: up to 800 m of steel plated partitions (white), 80 door modules, 40 window modules.

Phase 3: zones “P3” et “P5”
orders can be accepted till end of august
demount occurring in september-october
Quantities available: up to 1400 m of steel plated partitions (white), 170 door modules, 80 window modules

Prices (only if delivered directly from the deconstruction site)

Steel plated partitions
(€/running m)
Door + vertical
glass module (€/pc)
Window module
(min. 20 m) / / /
From 20 to 50 m 30 € + VAT 60 € + VAT 50€ + VAT  + transport costs
More than 50 m 20 € + VAT 40 € + VAT 35 € + VAT + transport costs