Grey ceramic tiles ‘Welkenraedt’ from the St. Elisabeth Nursing School in Leuven (151 mm)

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Dimensions: 151mm x 151mm (+- 1 mm)

Various thicknesses: 15 mm (+- 2 mm)

The mortar is completely removed using an acid bath (the tile itself is insensitive to acids).
Ready for installation, A quality (chip tolerance along edges: less than 5 mm). Tiles can be a bit dirty/dusty so plan for a scrubbing with water and soap after installation.

Having been produced in the 1930s, slight variations in colour might exist from production batch to production batch. Normally the tiles were mixed during the demount and cleaning, but to be sure it is always good when laying tiles to open up and use tiles from several packages at the same time to obtain an even mix of colours.

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Weight 35 kg