Octogonal floor in granite by Jules Wabbes

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It was on a trip to Venice together with his wife, while standing in the middle of San Marco square, that Jules Wabbes found inspiration for the design of the floor of the executive levels of La Generale de Banque. The couple kneeled down and took detailed measurements of the pavement that was to be reproduced in the Belgian bank.

The pattern was executed in two distinct grey granites, ever just slightly revealing the octagonal shapes. To bring out the grain of the granites, Wabbes asked the Italian quarry to flame the stones, a technique where a thermic shock is provoked by heating the slab surface with a blowtorch and subsequently spraying it with cold water.

The pattern is composed by two octagons and a central rectangle (A). Their are also additional rectangles; and peripheral pieces (B). We advise to get in touch before ordering this product, to calculate the appropriate number of peripheral elements.