Isis ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans (3m wide)


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Ceiling fan that was used only for a few months in an exhibition set up.
From the manufacturer:

Isis incorporates the same high-quality components and aerodynamic principles as industrial Big Ass Fans, but in a smaller, more stylish package. HIGH PERFORMANCE MEETS HIGH STYLE • Airfoils and Winglets — Eight anodized aluminum Mini-Ellipto airfoils with standard black winglets; custom colors available. • Motor and Components — Gearless direct-drive motor with industrial-grade hardware and parts. • Extension Tube — Standard 1 ft (0.3 meter); optional 2 to 15 ft (0.6 to 4.6 m). • Controller — Slim-line wall control that easily integrates into building automation systems; fits in standard junction box. • Environment — Suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces. • Application — Lightweight commercial fan for flat or sloped ceilings as low as 12 feet (3.7 meters). • Colors — • Efficiency — Isis works with your HVAC system to provide significant energy savings year round. In summer, the fans’ cooling effect means your thermostat can be set several degrees higher. In winter, fans push the heat down from the ceiling, leading to energy savings as high as 30%.