Large structure in glued laminated wood


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Exceptional structure in glued laminated timber from a to be demolished horse riding arena in the vicinity of Liège, Belgium. The structure spans 60m by 26m, consisting of 26 semi-arches (13,5cm)  that span 13 meter.

The building is to be demolished in the coming months and can be visited on appointment. The structure is in good state, with no visible water damages.

Interested parties are invited to formulate an offer for the purchase of the lot, or some of its elements. The structure will in principle be demounted by a specialised demolition company, and is not to be organised by the buyer, unless prefered otherwise. However, transport from the site is to be arranged by the buyer. Bidding starts at 5000€ for the lot, or 300€ per semi-arch. Preferences will be given to bids on the whole structure.

For a site visit or more information, please contact