Modular shelving system (shelf inserts)


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Product Description

with removable shelf inserts.
For kitchen storage, cold rooms by NF Fermod, Fermostock modular shelving
Anodised aluminium structure & polymer shelf inserts
Dimensions & qty:
2x uprights (H 173cm x W 36cm)
2x shelves (L 114cm x W 36cm)
– – –
4x uprights (H 173cm x W 36cm)
8x shelves (L 114cm x W 36cm)

Inserts dimensions & qty :
21x L 41 x W 32,5cm
18x L 30 x W 32,5cm

36 clips for assembly

* Dimensions to receive Gastronorm trays.

Used. Good condition. Inserts needs some clean.
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