Modular tables by Eric Lemesre ca.1978

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Set of modular tables (12 pieces) finished in dark wood.
Assembled together, the 12 pieces create a circular shape.

These furnitures were part of the overall interior design by Eric Lemesre for the building Lucien Engels designed to house offices of the Socialist Mutuality in Brussels in 1978. The project favoured open landscape offices except for senior management, and a number of centrally located rooms allowed for more private meetings. Positioned in either round set ups, the design made sure everybody could converse with everyone else in the room, clearly reflecting the values of the commissioner.

It was not possible to demount the dramatic ceilings with integrated lighting. The largest meeting room on the executive floor had been replaced in a previous renovation effort and has also not been salvaged. However, the furniture of 4 smaller meeting rooms has been saved and is available for inclusion in a new project. They can be used either in their original set-up, or recombined in new shapes. The finishings of the majority of the tables is dark wood, only one oval table is finished in oregon veneer.

height: 74 cm
The circular assembly has a total diameter of approx 2m75

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