Parquet in solid oak – untreated- sold only per batch of 20 sqm

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Parquet in solid oak with tongue and groove. Untreated condition, sold per batch of 20 sqm.

Dimensions of slats:

  • Free length laying (slats lengths may vary from 50 cm to up than 200 cm)
  • Width : 140 mm (+- 1 mm)
  • Thickness : 20 mm (+- 1 mm)
  • Quantity: sold only per batch of 20 sqm.

As the parquet is unprocessed and sold in raw condition, please note that:

  • Due to old installation, most of slats have thick traces of glue or mortar and an occasional nail
  • On the front side, there are a lot of scratches and signs of wear, some slats may be painted or varnished. Tongues and grooves may also be dusty and broken in some areas.
  • Expect to recut the slats before installation.
  • All slats are quite dusty and need to be processed and cleaned.

We do not provide a warranty on this product. Sold as raw material to be processed. NOT ready for installation.
We strongly advise customers to come and see the product at our physical shop before buying.

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