Pavers by Usines Louis Escoyez from Boekentoren (ca. 1930s)

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These tiles were produced in Tertre (Hainaut) by Usines Louis Escoyez and used in the iconic Boekentoren designed by Henri Van De Velde for the Gent University. They were used throughout the building and have been kept in the renovated building to a large extend.

Dimensions: between 14cm x 14cm and 14,4 x 14,4 cm, thickness 3cm. It is recommended to install these tiles in mortar, they are too irregular for using tile glue. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Condition: these tiles are beautifully marked by almost a century of use and abuse. Surface may bear traces of cement, dark patina or occasionally rust. Chips along the edges are tolerated. Mortar on the back and sides is removed but traces may remain.

If used indoors, the tiles can be saturated with line seed oil, ask us for advise.

29/1/2021: we raised the price on this product a bit (from 59 TTC to 65€ TTC) , because we realised the cleaning takes about 1h/sqm and we were loosing money. Current price is just break even for us, thanks for understanding. 


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Dimensions 14.4 × 14.4 × 3 cm