Shipping – Dedicated private courrier in Brussels (less than 650kg)

 84,70 /journey

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Specifics :

This delivery service is recommended for large items and pallets not exceeding 650 kg and shipped within Brussels.

These delivery is made on working days within two weeks of payment: we contact you to agree on a time slot according to the availability of our delivery person.



This rate includes a default delivery to the doorstep (pavement in the case of a building, property line in the case of a detached house) and 15 minutes for unloading. The customer must ensure that the truck can easily access and maneuver in front of the delivery place, keep a safe and efficient place for unloading (7m for the truck and tailgate), and provide their own solution to take their order indoors: labor or mechanics.

We invite you to check the accuracy and correctness of your account information before placing your order (address and delivery contact), and to add the number of the order to be delivered as a note.

For any additional information, please refer to our Terms and conditions.