Set of modular tables by Eric Lemesre ca.1978 (light wood)


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Set of modular tables (14 pieces) finished in Oregon veneer.
Assembled together, the 14 pieces create an oval shape.
The set is composed by two types of tables : 12 pieces are positioned on the rounded sides of the oval and 2 pieces are positioned on the straight sides of the oval.

They are easily modular and can be assembled as a circle as well.

These furnitures were part of the overall interior design by Eric Lemesre for the building Lucien Engels designed to house offices of the Socialist Mutuality in Brussels in 1978. The project favoured open landscape offices except for senior management, and a number of centrally located rooms allowed for more private meetings. Positioned in either round or oval set ups, the design made sure everybody could converse with everyone else in the room, clearly reflecting the values of the commissioner.




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