Small batch of 497 slats (= 7 sqm) in Padauk wood from an outdoor terrace by Bureau Bas Smets

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Terrace slats in Padauk wood from the Horta Horizons project designed by Bas Smets. This wooden agora was installed in front of Bozar in 2019 and was dismantled in June 2021.

Slat dimensions:
L 45 cm x W 2,5 cm x H 3,5 cm

We suggest you to install wood terrace with a 6mm gap between every slat. In this case, 1 sqm = +/- 71 pc.
Sold only per pallet of 497 slats = +/- 7 sqm

Good used condition, weathered to grey. Slats have been processed: all nails have been cut, not removed. Traces of old glue may remain (on back), may also have a few scratches and small imperfections.

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Weight 190 kg