SNEAD book stack ‘Book Tower’

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Lackered steel shelves salvaged in Henri Van De Velde’s Book Tower in Ghent. The shelves have been produced by Moens under licence of SNEAD based in Louisville, Kentucky. These shelves closely resemble the first shelves produced for the opening of the library in 1937, but have probably been manufactured later.

Angus Snead Macdonald and the company he founded revolutionised library design in the USA and the rest of the world. Their designs were crucial in moving the library system from one of closed, structural stacks, to open stacks that emphasise adjustability and which are still in use today.

To make one stack, one needs to buy one set of two vertical supports and one set of nine shelves in the desired length. Dimensions (L/D/H) : 80-120 cm; 60 cm; 210 cm

There is a delay of two weeks for the preparation of order

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shelves 100 cm (set of 9), shelves 120 cm (set of 9), shelves 80 cm (set of 9), Vertical support (2pc), Vertical support double sided (1pc)