Light diffusing ceiling ‘Mille Feuille’ from Générale de Banque ca. 1978

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Ceiling of the entrance hall to the former Brussels headquarters of Générale de Banque. These suspended structure was used by celebrated Belgian designer Jules Wabbes in a wall-to-wall set up to hide all technical devises such as ventilation grills, lighting devises, smoke detectors, etc. Resembling bank notes hanging from the ceiling, the surface was referred to as  ‘mille feuille’.

The system consists of a primary suspended structure, profiles that are placed parallel every 1,6 meter. The secondary elements consist of lighter profiles with the characteristic little metal plates attached. The height of the total setup is 17cm, but at least 20cm needs to be planned to facilitate hanging. The height for optional lighting devises needs to be added to this, but can be kept to a minimum when using LED panels.

Any given horizontal surface can be clad with this material, the secondary profiles can easily be cut. However, the ceiling cannot be used for vertical cladding.

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