Vide-poche in granite by Jules Wabbes

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Granite block with rounded corners that was placed in the proximity of the washing table in the toilets of the upper floors of Générale de Banque. While the sides are polished, the upper and lower part of the object are left rough. Quite intriguingly, the stone has the same proportions and same finishings as a series of stones that were positioned within the bank building’s monumental vault. The latter stones were used to carry opened briefcases. (one of them can be seen centred in the image of the vault on this page)

The slab is 10 cm thick, and 22cm both in length and width. About 7 cm of the block is to be masoned in a supporting wall. Weight is about 12kg


Picture vault Generale de Banque: Flickr user Mzximvs VdB

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