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Reuse of wall tiles from the Solvay building in the offices of Perspective Brussels.

The project concerns the spatial and interior design of the ground floor of the new office space of Perspective Brussels. It is the result of a competition organised by the Brussels’ Bouwmeester/Maitre Architecte, in collaboration with the other regional offices being part of Perspective Brussels.

The new spatial design of the recently renovated office space in 59 Naamsestraat consists of three areas which are all connected to one another. Using half-high walls we clearly define each separate area while other elements such as the ceiling emphasise the continuity of the whole.

Immediately behind the glass street facade one can find an exposition space. At the back of the room there is a small refectory which stands in direct relation to a courtyard. In between these two areas there is space provided for presentations and meetings. By means of two elliptically shaped curtains it is possible to close off this area from the refectory and exposition space. The new walls are covered with distinctive materials: the tiles used in the exposition space are recuperated by Rotor DC from the Solvay building in Brussels.

The project stands out because the interior is approached from an architectural point of view. At certain points the covering of the existing walls is detached and becomes itself a defining element in the space. The covering/partition walls are permanent structures which characterise the different areas. At the same time they are the background for a flexible use of the space.

The interventions are useful and functional: there is wall surface for exhibitions, there is space provided for storage and cloak rooms and the acoustics are improved. At the same time, and despite its usefulness, the interior regains a certain autonomy.

The spatial design clearly distinguishes itself from the existing space by its materials which stand out against the original white background. At the same time it starts a conversation with, and is informed by what was already present. The walls of the refectory for example, elegantly curve around a ventilation channel as a folding screen, while their oblique lines relate to the existing garden design.

Design team: TV LambrechtsMullervanderSchans
Client: Brussels Planningsbureau (Perspective.Brussels)
Main contractor: NV Troubleyn
Steel cabinets: Kunstsmederij Jozef Denoyel
Wooden tables: Atelier Ternier
Curtains: Tau by Topfloor
Acoustical engineering: Daidalos Peutz
Images: Filip Dujardin