A selection of projects made with our materials by our clients. Have a project you want to show? Please do get in touch.


Inspiration: Offices for Zonnige Kempen by Rotor

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Zonnige Kempen (‘Sunny Campine’) owns about 2.400 social housing units in several municipalities around the little city of Westerlo. The company, founded in 1963, was an early adopter of green building. Their homes, ever since the 1970’s, explore the highest…

Inspiration: Sanitary block for the Itterbeek Chiro by Rotor

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This small sanitary block project is located next to the old farmhouse housing the Chiro d'Itterbeek, a youth organisation. It is an extension which, although completely redone, is made up of less than a third of new materials (in %…

Inspiration: Bar Divine by Batiikstudio (Paris)

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Cocktail bar Divine in Paris was conceived by Batiik Studio as a mix of codes; at the same time convivial and chique. Precious materials are used along side rough walls. Rotor DC supplied most lights for the project, with a…

Inspiration: Extraction of ventilation system from Multi Tower

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On October 2nd we finalised a reclaim operation of a large ventilation unit (the size of a van) from the Multi tower in the center of Brussels. This is the second operation of its kind that Rotor is involved with.…

Inspiration: Reuse of ceramic tiles in Gemeenteschool De Kriek, Schaarbeek

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During the renovation of a primary school, Java Architects gave great care to the optimal use of the existing materials. A detailed inventory was made of all the materials present, and as many materials as possible were reused on site.…

Inspiration: Restaurant ‘Brut’ by Design with Sense

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Conceived by Design With Sense, this restaurant is made of 95% reclaimed materials. Marble cladding, wood from a roof structure, heating tubing, ... many of the materials were furnished by RotorDC, including the repurposed table legs. Images:  © Ad Vitam…

Inspiration: Interior for Brussels’ Bouwmeester by LambrechtsMullervanderSchans

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Reuse of wall tiles from the Solvay building in the offices of Perspective Brussels. The project concerns the spatial and interior design of the ground floor of the new office space of Perspective Brussels. It is the result of a…

Pharmacy ‘Emily’ by Nathalie De Leeuw

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The project by Nathalie De Leeuw uses many reclaimed materials purchased in our store, such as a golden ceiling from Generale de Banque and glass inserts from Val Saint Lambert. Photographe: Pedro Correa Other references

Ambitious reuse target for Multi Tower, Brussels

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This week, deconstruction works have started on the Multi Tower, (formerly known as the Phillips Tower) in downtown Brussels. Whitewood, the developer in charge of the redevelopment of this 1969 building by Groupe Structures, has set ambitious targets with regards…

Renier Chalon house by MAMOUT architectes & AUXAU

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New project by Mamout and Auxau makes extensive use of reclaimed materials.     The project highlights the heritage of this typical Brussels “Maison de Maître” while radically changing the way of living in the house. Typical Brussels house are…

Opening of research building “NEST” by Werner Sobek with Rotordc hardware

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Design for disassembly is one thing, but how can one make sure that building components will also effectively be reused over and over? An interesting conversation with Frank Heinlein (Werner Sobek Group) and Dirk Hebel (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) lead…

Book Tower, Henri Van de Velde, 1936 (sold out)

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Belgian architect Henry Van de Velde realised at the end of the 1930s, in Ghent, a vast university complex in modernist style, comprising, among others, a university library holding 3.000.000 books. This listed building, including all levels of the so-called…