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The Val-Benoît site, currently undergoing reconditioning, houses five former applied-science institutes, built by the Liège University between the 1930’s and 1960’s. Among these stands the ‘Institut de Génie Civil’, a remarquable yet non-listed, modernist building designed by Joseph Moutschen, opened in 1937. The present-day refurbishment of this building will not preserve the original interior furnishings. In 2014, Rotor DC conducted an operation to dismantle certain elements, such as more than 1000 m² of the ceramic floor tiles produced by the Belgian firm Cerabel. The tiles of the institute’s floors had been laid out in geometric art-deco patterns, different in each room. Before dismantling, Rotor DC carried out a careful survey of each pattern. The result of that work was published in a PDF booklet of about 100 pages, with the details of every pattern, including the proportion of each of the 11 different tile-types needed to reproduce the pattern.

Commissioner : SPI Liège (development agency of the Liège Province) & own initiative
In collaboration with: Viabuild (Stallaert).

Available materials:

Other notable buildings:

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