Noir de Mazy is the only Belgian black limestone that is still exploited today. It is named after the quarry in the Belgian town of Mazy near Gembloux in Wallonia. It is also marketed under the name ‘Noir de Golzinne’, this refers to the geological vein that is exploited in Mazy. Originally worked on open ground, the quarry is operated since beginning of XXth century in mines with a rooms and pillars method. The stone is quarried at an average depth of 75 meters underground. Very specific equipment is required for the exploration. Annual production of the quarry does not exceed 500 cubic meters. These plinths have been salvaged in an office building of the 1950’s on the Solvay campus in Ixelles. Dimensions (25 pc.) :

  • Thickness : 2 cm
  • Width : 4 cm
  • Variable length : from 80 to 120 cm
Condition: ok, but most pieces will have to be recut before installation, need to be polished and oiled to obtain the dark black look. May have traces of old mortar and small chips, needs to be cleaned. We advise buyers to inspect the lot before buying. A 10% margin has been taken to compensate for damaged and broken pieces. Tot. : +/- 20 meter long      

Batch of +/- 20 meter of frieze in "Noir de Mazy" marble (+/- 25 pc.)

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