Batch of Marbrite wall tiles from ‘Verreries de Fauquez’ and decorative glass elements (+/- 18 sqm)

These glass tiles in ‘Marbrite’, have been produced between 1924 and 1940 with a special technique developed by the ‘Verreries de Fauquez’ in Belgium. Marbrite, –  texture and pattern remind of marble – is a luxurious and precious material that was used as wall or ceiling cladding in many Art Deco buildings.
These specific Marbrite tiles are identical to those on the ceiling of  ‘La Chapelle de Verre‘ (Fauquez).

The story of the ‘Verreries de Fauquez’,  is marked by Arthur Brancart, who directed the company from till 1932. Inspired by the ‘Partie des Ouvriers Belges’, he sets up a number of facilities for the workers such as a bakery, butcher shop,  schools, and a party hall (marked with the slogan “Bien Travailler Bien S’amuser” in ivory letters). Housing is free for the company workers. Noteworthy are also the  “Caisse de secours et de Prévoyance du Personnel ou l’organisation”, a healthcare system for the workers of the company that is financed trough contributions by all workers. Brancart also sets up a joint purchase group for potatoes and coal, resulting in cheaper prices for his workers. More info here.

Batch contains:

  • 123 pc. of white Marbrite tiles (= +/- 18,6 sqm)
    Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm
  • 38 pc. of grey triangular Marbrite tiles
    Dimensions: 38,5 cm x 38,5 cm x 54,5 cm
  • 4 pc. of black rectangular Marbrite tiles with two holes + 10 damaged pc. 
    Dimensions: 100 cm x 15 cm
  • 131 glass rosaces with a screw and a very small coloured glass cap
  • A few intact tiles but with variable shapes and colours (+/- 6 pc.)
  • A few damaged tiles (+/- 12 pc. )

Very good used condition, some tiles and decorative glass elements may have very small chips and a few traces. Colour and texture may vary from a tile to another.
Tiles corners are capped because decorative glass elements need to be screwed between each tiles to form a pattern.

Batch of Marbrite wall tiles from 'Verreries de Fauquez' (+/- 18 sqm) with decorative glass elements

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