Most of the trees growing in the Brussels region end up being either exported to oversees factories, or being shredded for use as biomass and mulch. The Sonian Wood Coop was founded to find local applications for these high quality woods. They sell milled and dried wood to Brussels’ woodworkers, and realise bespoke projects for local clients. In 2022, Sonian Wood Coop and RotorDC join forces to take things one step further: state of the art parquet floors made from Brussels wood, ready for installation.

Identification :

  • Type of product : Hardwood parquet with tongue-and-groove and chamfer bevel
  • Type of wood : Oak (Quercus robur) from the Sonian Forest, mixed quality (rustique)
  • Technical specifications below :

Dimensions :

  • Length : variable
  • Width : 13 cm
  • Thickness : 2,1 cm

Condition: Please note may have some knots and small defects with some boards with small xylophage holes from wood worms but 100% eliminated through the process of drying. There is some variation of colour from a board to another. Glued or nailed installation. After installation, we advise customer to use a wax oil in order to protect wood.

Download installation guide (in French) : 

Parquet in rustic oak wood from Sonian Forest (W. 13 cm)

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    Weight: 20.00 kg

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    Sold per square meter. From 50m2, a -10 % discount will be automatically applied on your order. Please note! Every batch is unique and will be available only shortly. We advise customer to take a safety margin on their order to compensate for losses during installation.