Batch of 350 reclaimed ceramic tiles. The batch contains 250 field tiles and 100 border tiles.

Mechanical cleaning of mortar residues and quality sorting were carried out by our team in our workshop. As the mechanical cleaning process does not remove joint residues from the edges of the tiles, dimensions may slightly vary (± 0,2 cm). The upper surface is usually smooth and uniform. The underside (not visible) is cleaned of mortar residues by mechanical sawing which creates a slight relief to improve adhesion to the substrate.


14,3 cm (± 0,2 cm)


14,3 cm (± 0,2 cm)


1,3 cm

Used condition. Some tiles may have cutouts and broken corners. Further cleaning of the tiles is recommended with adequate tools such as Tamponjex pads, pH-neutral cleaning solution and dedication. Dusty, needs to be cleaned.

We advise buyers to inspect the batch before buying.

Delivery/Pick-up packaging (pallets and pallet collars) is not included in the price.

Batch of ceramic tiles by Welkenraedt (± 7 m2)

    barcode: 999FLO1018

    Weight: 250.00 kg

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