Shelving system by Mecalux/Nedcon reclaimed from a former distribution center of the book industry in Walloon Brabant.

The modularity of the Mecalux system allows to build a variety of shelving configurations starting from a single unit (see first image). Horizontal shelves can be adjusted in height to your requirement. Each horizontal shelf can hold up to 180 kg of evenly distributed weight. By adding vertical frames and shelves on both sides, the shelving can be extended. A “double”, back-to-back configuration is also possible.

Dimensions of a single unit : 


230 cm 


103 cm 


40 cm

To compose a single unit you need :

 2 Vertical Frames in blue powder coated steel (2 galvanized footplates per vertical frame are included for heavy loads as they distribute the weight on the ground) 

→ 1 Set of Cross Ties (which includes 1 cross-brace + 2 horizontal support bars* + 8 galvanized fixing pieces). Only 1 set provides the necessary rigidity for shelving up to 6 meters in length. 

*Not all the support bars have the same aspect.

Horizontal Shelves in Grey Epoxy Powder Coated or Galvanized Steel (4 galvanized supports pieces are included per single horizontal shelf)

To extend the shelf in length (maximum 6 meters) you need : 

→ 1 Extra Vertical Frame per extra running meter (the vertical frames are perforated on both sides to support the horizontal shelves)

→ The desired number of supplementary Horizontal Shelves

For more than 6 meters length you need extra set of Cross Ties (just one cross-brace with horizontal support bars can be used to provide the necessary rigidity for shelving up to 6 meters in length).

To build double shelves back to back you need :

→ 2 Frame Unions for each terminal Vertical Frame

Good used conditions. There are various light scratches, stickers and small dents on the shelf. Dusty, needs to be cleaned. 

For large projects (quantities starting from 1800€), please contact us at for special offers and discounts. 

Custom shelving by Mecalux

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