Doors in solid pine

Model 1H.226 x W.87,5 x T.4,5 cm
Model 2H.228 x W.87,5 x T.4,5 cm
Model 3H.235 x W.88 x T.4,5 cm
Model 4H.209 x W.87 x T.4 cmLeft
Model 5H.206 x W.87 x T.4,5 cmLeft
Model 6H.205 x W.87 x T.4,5 cm
Model 7H.222,5 x W.87,5 x T.4,5 cmLeft
Model 8H. 219 x W. 88,5 x T. 4,5 cmRight
Good used condition. Wood may have imperfections with small holes. The paint being chemically stripped, the exposed wood is ready to be sanded and treated. Dusty, needs to be cleaned. 

Handles, hinges, lock case and key are missing.

Location: B4/B5/B6

Door in solid pine (various sizes) - Right/Left

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barcode: 189DOP0441

Weight: 35.00 kg

149.00 € 149.00 € / pc 149.0 EUR

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