Height :  252 cm - Width : 87,5 cm - Thickness : 5 cm Left door : sold with frame (256 cm x 94 cm x 10,5 cm) and stainless steel hinges. Doorhandles and mortises locks not included. Right door : sold with stainless steel hinges but without frame. Doorhandles and mortises locks not included. Door consists of a pine wooden frame, filled up with compressed wood particles and finished with a meranti sidings, HPL panel and stainless steel hinges. Product is less than 1 year old, produced by Beddeleem. Condition : minor scratches Acoustic performance: 49dB (Rw), Cat. IIa Comes with an integrated acoustic profile at the bottom. Instructions montage cloisons Beddeleem  

Sound proof wooden door with frame for JB 2000 partitions by Beddeleem - RAL 7035 (H 252 cm x 87,5 cm)

  • Rotation (door)

barcode: 099DOP002L

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