From the Averbode Publishing House office building designed by bOb Van Reeth (AWG) located in the Averbode Abbey. 

"Bob Van Reeth's most famous furniture design is undoubtedly the uplifted T-Bone series (1988). He designed these independently of any architectural commission on a Sunday morning, and thus mainly for his own pleasure." More info here

The table are made in solid oak with sculpted flared legs which add an overall sense of lightness to the table. 


73,5 cm


79 cm


160 cm 


Dimensions may vary slightly (± 1 cm). 

Good used condition. There are some scratches and chips on the table top and on the legs. The varnish has whitened from exposure to the sun over time - needs to be repolished and varnished. Dusty, needs to be cleaned. Glides are missing. 

Two models available :

  • Model 1 : Regular apron (original, no cut) 

  • Model 2 : Longitudinal cut-out in the front table apron (not original, handmade). Brand seal are missing.

Table 'T-Bone' by bOb Van Reeth in solid oak (160 x 79 cm)

  • Model nr.

barcode: 999FUR1138M2

Weight: 35.00 kg

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